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Using inclued 0.3 under Ubuntu 8.04

think that some of you has read this post : Where is the include coming from ?. It was an interesting post appeared on the PHP::Impact blog, which i re posted and linked here because i thought it was an interesting one regarding the future of care2x.

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GoogleGroups for Care2X

All of us has faced now and then problems with the use of sourceforge’s mailing list. To improve things a bit and to make it more dinamical for the community i’ve created a google groups account.

You can read the posts here :

And send mails here : care2002 [at] googlegroups [dot] com

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Profiling PHP with Xdebug and WINCacheGrind this is really short tutorial, on how to profile PHP applicatios under windows

Step 1
Download windows modules for your version of PHP from

Step 2
Write this lines at your php.ini file

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Working with legacy code

Most projects carry some amount of legacy code. You can’t work very fast with a legacy code base, but you can speed it up if you establish a strategy to deal with your existing code and mitigate risk as new development goes forward.

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Laboratory management

I think all of you that write code or have written code for c2x has seen this :


which is a test finding. Not an easy way to handle laboratory results. Practically impossible to make reports on 🙂

Well, the good news is that I have started to work on changing it to a more easy way to manage it.

Hope in the next days to publish the new database structure and the new code on the svn. As always feedback is welcome to improve it.

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Care2X forum active

Since the developers mailing list is becoming more a sort of users help list, and since it’s hard to find answers to questions posted before, i’ve decided to install a forum script.

I think it will be more easy to manage user requests, needs for help, developer ideas and so on.

And it will be a sort of barometer to see if care2x is still used and how much it’s used.

Well, hope you find it usefull 🙂

…stay tuned more news to come…

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Court: ‘Violating Copyleft Is Copyright Infringement’

A federal appeals court has overruled a lower court ruling that, if sustained, would have severely hampered the enforceability of free software licenses. The lower court had found that redistributing software in violation of the terms of a free software license could constitute a breach of contract, but was not copyright infringement. The difference matters because copyright law affords much stronger remedies against infringement than does contract law. If allowed to stand, the decision could have neutered popular copyleft licenses such as the GPL and Creative Commons licenses. The district court decision was overturned on Wednesday by the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

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Project Bugtracker

the bugtracker link and system has been updated. you can find the new system here :

After a lot of test – and emails to the sourceforge staff – i finally installed a bug tracker for Care2x.

I’ve opted for mantis, thanks to it’s simplicity and ability to work with php 4 – yes, sf is still on php 4.

it can be found here :

You can log in anonymously to view and report bugs or improvements. For all of you which would like a developer account, due to some features of sf i can’t configure properly smtp to enable automatic user account creation, so you’ll have to use the mailing list to ask for.

More to come in the following days…

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Care2x access logs to db importer

One of the last improvements in the care2x svn was the ability to store access logs into a sqlite db to simplify up security checks. But what to do with the old log files ?

I’ve put up a simple script to do this. It’s not the fastest thing on earth, but will get the job done.

You can download it from here.

The usage is quite simple :

php log_parser /path/to/logs/dir

It will create a sqlite db in the directory being executed which you can then copy to the logs directory.

And yes it’s a CLI. Since this way there is no max_execution_time problem.

Download it, test it, hack it 🙂

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Another GPL infringement ?

One allways finds interesting things online 🙂

I think everybody shoul take a look here : Take Care ( 3MB ) especially at the last page.

It’s a powerpoint presentation from Profdoc a swedish healthcare provider.

Well…what do you think of it ?

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