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Project Bugtracker

the bugtracker link and system has been updated. you can find the new system here :

After a lot of test – and emails to the sourceforge staff – i finally installed a bug tracker for Care2x.

I’ve opted for mantis, thanks to it’s simplicity and ability to work with php 4 – yes, sf is still on php 4.

it can be found here :

You can log in anonymously to view and report bugs or improvements. For all of you which would like a developer account, due to some features of sf i can’t configure properly smtp to enable automatic user account creation, so you’ll have to use the mailing list to ask for.

More to come in the following days…


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  1. Lopo says:

    Mantis was installed ages ago (by me), among several other tools.
    Unfortunatelly it was probably lost in one of the server moves, alomng with all the information in it.

    Glad to hear that someone decided to reinstall it. Hope it will start to be used.

  2. care2x says:

    This is the beggining of a project revamp we’re working on.
    Stay tuned form more 🙂

  3. jjarrinf says:

    After a long long research i just found this BLOG…I’ve been browsing every single page in, and it seems static….dead.. hope this blog really works!, I will be rounding here, and helping if needed…good look!!.. I’m trying to deploy Care2X in a new Hospital, I will tell you when it’s done.

  4. care2x says:

    Glad to hear that someone is willing to help. We have actually some modifications and some ideas on which we are working on…as always help is needed. if you want you can contact us on the mailing list.

  5. jjarrinf says:

    My Care2X Infraestructure is an XAMPP over Ubuntu 8.10 over VMWare Virtual Machine. It works fine since I solved a problem with the SQL file, it does not create none record, so I had to run it manually that is using the last Care2X (RC2) downloaded from sourceforge..

    I’ve surfing Care2X for one week, I’ve created employees, pacient, doctors, etc… but now I am lost, I don’t know how to add some info to the pacient record, lets say … inmunization, I just can’t find what is the way to add this kind of information… so.. does anybody knows if exists a manual to do that?, the on-line manual says something, but I can’t do that, I will appreciate any help.

  6. care2x says:

    Can you please use the forum for this questions.
    you can also have a look here

  7. jjarrinf says:

    Dear care2X, sorry for bother you, I try to find info on that wiki page, but I can’t. Please, tell me if there are another manual, if not I could write it but I need some guide.

    I want to start writing a install manual in Spanish, but when I tried to open a new account this is de message I get:

    A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

    (SQL query hidden)

    from within function “User::addToDatabase”. MySQL returned error “1048: Column ‘user_id’ cannot be null (localhost)”.

    My new problem today is that the Internet Mail dissapear from the main menu, yesterday night I saw there… I configured it and login on my account, but now I can’t


  8. jjarrinf says:

    Hey I just found the problem of the Internet E-mail dissapear, In the Main Menu Styles on Config Options, the default Style does not show the Internet E-mail Option, but changing the style it shows in the menu.

    This morning I deleted my Internet Private Data, and my cookies included, this changed the Style to the default, that is why the option dissapear.


  9. Gjergj Sheldija says:

    We have some problems with the wiki, actually a lot of 😦
    Regarding the help you were looking for, it’s the biggest problem with the actual version. We hope to create in the following days a sort of structure for a manual, and start upgrading and fixing the wiki.
    i you have some ideas we can discuss them here :

  10. jjarrinf says:

    Hello, could you please help me deleting the users jjarrinf or jjarrin in the Mantis BugTracker?, I cant use it, it seems broken and I would like to create my Mantis account again. Tks

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