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Changeset for ver 2.6 alpha 1

sf has some problems when submitting multiple files so i had to make small submits.
this is a developers preview so until a stable beta release
there will be only the svn version, so fire up your svn clients šŸ™‚

now, i’m waiting for your code patches to fix the always present bugs šŸ™‚

we need a place to host the bugtracker, if some one in the community
has some free server space or some bandwidth to share it would be
very helpful, since hosting it on sf is giving to many problems.

changeset to 2.5 alpha

– new acl code, user can be assigned to department and locked there
same thing with patients. ex pediatry doctor can see only it’s
patients and needs to create a consult for other doctors
to see the patient
– new system admin module to handle the creation on roles
– new department management, possibility to handle departments and
sub departments, gives the possibility to manage
– new system admin module to manage the departments
– new role based acl, you create roles and assign them to users.
ex. pathology nurse
– new log code, now the access logs are managed in a sqlite db.
– new module in the system admin to query the access logs
– new immunization module, eases the creation on immunology data
– new address handling code
– improved italian translation
– fixed ops 301 turkish codes
– fixed translation for yellow paper – Claudio Giulio Torbinio
– fixed installation of icd 10 data during the installation
– code now works with php5
– new chem lab management, now with the possibility to create
own analysis groups and parameters with data insert
for median, toxic, high value and low value depending on
age and sex
– new pathological code, now the data is handled in 2NF
– new blood bank code, now data is handled in 2NF
– new chemical code, now data is handled in 2NF
– new bacteriological code, now data is handled in 2NF
– new db structure, now most of the tables are InnoDB
– fixed different installer problems
– db code now is transaction safe
– simple mods on the registration form – city and zip code selection
– new city crud form
– fixes on the different menu handling codes
– ability to use different images on the menu
– new userconfig template
– disabled phpmyadmin and phppgadmin
– others i forgot šŸ™‚

remains to be done

– pharmacy , depot management disabled in this alpha codes
– smarty gives problems with php 5.2.x
– fix to the prescription code
– Bala Subramaniam integration with Simple Invoices
ideally now the full patient invoice could be created
given tha labs in 2NF
– other bugs and translations
– graphic printout of the labs



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