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The future of C2X

A long time has passed since c2x appeared and a lot of things have changed over the years.

PHP has become a more robust and business oriented language, a lot of tools are disposable for developers and a lot of new business strategies are available to help with the common day to day problems that we encounter.

Localization and internationalization are now more easy that they used to be, and php 6 promises even further improvements via Unicode support. Creating user documentation is now much more easy via wiki’s and Java script libraries can help a lot with designing rich and practical UI.

I thing that the time is right to start a small revolution in c2x; i’ll list here some suggestion that I think would be useful, they may be right, may not; it’s up to the community to decide.

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Translation script

I’m releasing a small script to help with the translation of c2x. At this point it just checks if there are missing files and in those missing files if there are missing translations.
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Sad statistics statistics  tell some interesting things on how the c2x community thinks.

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