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The future of C2X

A long time has passed since c2x appeared and a lot of things have changed over the years.

PHP has become a more robust and business oriented language, a lot of tools are disposable for developers and a lot of new business strategies are available to help with the common day to day problems that we encounter.

Localization and internationalization are now more easy that they used to be, and php 6 promises even further improvements via Unicode support. Creating user documentation is now much more easy via wiki’s and Java script libraries can help a lot with designing rich and practical UI.

I thing that the time is right to start a small revolution in c2x; i’ll list here some suggestion that I think would be useful, they may be right, may not; it’s up to the community to decide.


I think printing should be centralized, we should use a centralized code to do that. Agatha with some improvements could ease the creation of new print forms without the need to specify pdf coordinated by hand as we actually do.


The current way c2x has of handling translation is very hard to maintain and error prone. A migration to gettext could ease the translation efforts and help c2x greaten it’s userbase.

Besides that there are strange cases like js_<lang>_sex_title.php which is not used in any file.

Manual / Help files

We all know how hard it is to write, update c2x help files, that why not use a wiki engine ? It would easy the process of maintenance of the the help files, it’s much more easy to translate and this way we could create a much needed manual, and have it updated automatically.


The actual implementation of HL7 is practically non existent. But the we should discuss here about v2 or v3, and if it has to be part of every module, or it should be and external library.

The Code….

Here are a lot of things that should be changed and and lot should be deleted.

  • First there is a lot of code that should be rewritten, think about sql code inside the module code, which is not a good practice.
  • Second there is no real separation of modules, module files are scattered all around the directory tree, which makes even harder to apply updates and change code around.
  • Third , the code needs some major clean up; there is a lot of unused code all over which makes further improvements difficult.

And a lot of other things that I didn’t mention.


Major improvements should be done on the ui side, from simple things as changing the tab interface from using images to simple js, to new visualization of the ward, to the possibility of connecting a specific user or group of users to a specific module – an example is the Glasgow Coma Scale.

The notification system used in the labs, pharmacy, depot, technical is a bit outdated, a little ajax could make it much more usable.

A new theming engine css based could help much more and ease the creation of new UI.

Other scattered ideas..

Other things that could be helpful is we should start to use automatic testing, modules can be installable from a central repository, the possibility of connecting specific users to specific modules,etc.

Another thing is that we should avoid static configuration in files like $OpenTimes in lang_<lang>_abteilung.php and preferably have them stored in the db.

this mail could be even more lengthy, but I hope you understand my point : c2x should evolve and it needs our help to do it!


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