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Changeset for ver 2.6 alpha 1

sf has some problems when submitting multiple files so i had to make small submits.
this is a developers preview so until a stable beta release
there will be only the svn version, so fire up your svn clients ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bacteriological Lab changes

i just finished the transformation of the bacteriological lab to 2nf.

i’ve made the decision to move from the care_test_findings_baclabor to care_test_findings_baclabor_sub these fields :

  • general type
  • resist_anaerob
  • resist_aerob
  • findings
  • findings_date
  • findings_time
  • status
  • history

i haven’t changed the code of the print function, since i don’t see the usefulness of having a printout for something that is meant to be printed and scanned and inserted again in a database.

do you agree ? is it ok ? are those the wrong fields ? please comment.

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Another two labs rewritten

yesterday was a good day, i just finished the mod to the blood bank and to the general requests module. now there are only the microbiological lab and the pathological lab to go.

at this poit i need some help from people out there firstly to convert the scripts to postgres, since i’m no postgres ueser and second is to help the whole community with some import script with the new lab management.

hope some of you replie to this so we can get those import things ready for the release.

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Biochemical Lab to 2NF

finally it’s here the new laboratory code to handle the analysis request and results in 2NF. what does that mean or why is it important ? well, for a couple of reasons – all of which are good ๐Ÿ™‚

– detailed reports for the laboratory

– simplification on a future billing code

– possibility to track down single analysis for the patient

– much cleaner code to whork with ๐Ÿ™‚

what remains to be done now ? a lot, the biochemical lab is only one of the labs, before we finish it we have to transform the pathological lab, the blood bank, the microbiological lab and the generic request in 2FN. which i hope to finish soon.

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Laboratory management

I think all of you that write code or have written code for c2x has seen this :


which is a test finding. Not an easy way to handle laboratory results. Practically impossible to make reports on ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, the good news is that I have started to work on changing it to a more easy way to manage it.

Hope in the next days to publish the new database structure and the new code on the svn. As always feedback is welcome to improve it.

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Project Bugtracker

the bugtracker link and system has been updated. you can find the new system here :

After a lot of test – and emails to the sourceforge staff – i finally installed a bug tracker for Care2x.

I’ve opted for mantis, thanks to it’s simplicity and ability to work with php 4 – yes, sf is still on php 4.

it can be found here :

You can log in anonymously to view and report bugs or improvements. For all of you which would like a developer account, due to some features of sf i can’t configure properly smtp to enable automatic user account creation, so you’ll have to use the mailing list to ask for.

More to come in the following days…

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Care2x access logs to db importer

One of the last improvements in the care2x svn was the ability to store access logs into a sqlite db to simplify up security checks. But what to do with the old log files ?

I’ve put up a simple script to do this. It’s not the fastest thing on earth, but will get the job done.

You can download it from here.

The usage is quite simple :

php log_parser /path/to/logs/dir

It will create a sqlite db in the directory being executed which you can then copy to the logs directory.

And yes it’s a CLI. Since this way there is no max_execution_time problem.

Download it, test it, hack it ๐Ÿ™‚

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ToDo list for rc 2

Well, after some thoughts i decided a small todo list for this last rc, before going beta.

  • improved logging system
  • rewrite the laboratory management code
  • integrate Bala’s improvements…more on it in a next post
  • new installer – this is going to be a small surprise for all ๐Ÿ™‚
  • remove unused files

hope everyone agrees on it.

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New logging system for Care2x

as we get neerer the release of rc 2 I started thinking about i problem i allways have with c2x. logs. how do i find in a simple way how many times user123 logged ?

actually it’s a bit difficult, you have to go down to the logs directory and then if you are a lucky * nig user give a grep. otherwise if you’re a win user you have to use some sort of utility like powergrep or something else.

then, why not use a database to store these logs ? simple, practical, easy to use.

so i modified a bunch of files et voila’ here it is in all his simplicity

View of the user logs

View of the user logs

this is the reporting interface under the administration section.

you can download it form the svn or get the diff here or check the modified files here.

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